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One of The videos you’ll see is from 2 years ago when I sold him. The kids outgrew him and now he’s ready for his new kids.
New pics and vidoes are listed as well and labeled new ! All pics are current (taken 12/19/23)

Tiny Soldier is an 8 yo unregistered Icelandic Spotted mountain horse cross gelding standing at 45″ tall barefoot. This pony is kid broke and has been trained by professional kids (my son Hayden Williams). He will neck rein with one hand, ride Bitless, work off your leg, side pass, do any obstacles he faces, and GAIT!! He has the natural smooth 4 beat gait at all speeds from above a walk to 13 mph. You can hunt off of his back. He will come to get you from a mounting block and take you to a mounting block for dismount. No trot, no pace, all GAIT!!. He has been to Big South fork trail riding several times and to Knott County several times. This pony has been used and will take care of his rider. Easy to catch anywhere!

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