***NOTICE*** All Consignment horses are required to have health papers in hand and proof of being up to date on all vaccinations prior to arrival.

Are you interested in selling your horse?

Click the link below to watch a video explaining our process.


Method 1

  • If you wish to sell your horse from your place, you will need to send a YouTube video and pictures of your horse to us via email: ekwilliams26@yaoo.com or via text message: 606-291-8750
  • If you need help making a video you can send clips to us and we can edit them together and create a video for you for an additional fee of $100.
  • The commission is only 8% if you choose this method.

Method 2

  • If you would like to advertise your horse on EWH Trailhorses it is very simple to do.
  • You will first need to contact Emerson via text at 606-291-8750 or via Facebook Messenger.
  • Please have pictures and videos ready when you contact Emerson. At that time he will evaluate and pre-approve the horse for sell on this site.
  • If you choose for Emerson to do the videoing for you the process is as follows: make arrangements to get the horse to Emerson (we can pick-up the horse). When the horse arrives at Emerson’s, he will then ride the horse, produce a video, and begin advertising the horse for you.
  • During this process, Emerson will communicate with the potential buyers throughout the buying process, collect the payment once sold, and send you your payment (minus the consignment and boarding fees).
  • The consignment fee for this method is 15% of the final sale price. You will also be responsible for a $16.00 per day boarding fee while the horse is at Emerson’s.