Are You Interested In Becoming A Business Affiliate of EWH Trail Horses?

What is a Business Affiliate and how can it help me?

  • A business affiliate means you advertise your business right here on the website.
  • By becoming a business affiliate with EWH Trail Horses, you are putting your business in front of an audience that is already looking for your products.

    How do I become a Business Affiliate with EWH Trail Horses?

    • Your first step is to contact Emerson via text message at 606-291-8750 or via Facebook Messenger.
    • You will then discuss what your business is and what you sell. Emerson will then decide if your business is a good fit to be displayed on this website.
    • If you are approved to be a Business Affiliate, your business logo, along with a description of what you provide, and a link to your website will then be added to the site.

      How much does it cost to be a Business Affiliate?

      • You will pay a monthly fee of $100.