How do I create an account or register so I can place an offer?

Why won’t it take my offer?

Can I try before I buy?

yes, you can try out horses before you buy and you’ll have 3 business days to try the horse out after purchasing. Details and further explanation can be found under the TERMS menu

Will I lose my deposit if I get there and don’t buy the horse?

Well, that depends. If you prove that I’ve somehow false advertised this horse or the horse does something that I didn’t mention in the video (acts up) or has a blemish ANYTHING I failed to mention, then I will refund your deposit because I’m at fault. Further explanation can be found under the TERMS menu

Where are you located ?

Emerson Williams Horsemanship LLC is located in Hillsboro KY

Can I order a PPE before buying?

YES! A repurchase exam is always recommended and welcomed. You’ll have 3 business days to get your vet of choice (I Can provide a list as well) and that vet has within that timeframe to do this repurchase exam. I have never had an issue getting a vet out within 3 days.

What happens if the horse fails the PPE?

A PPE Isn’t a pass/fail exam. It’s an exam that will come back with notes of things a vet may notice but doesn’t necessarily prove to be unsound. Your deposit will be refunded if an animal is found to be unsound. I call habits like Cribbing, weaving to be unsound.

Can I have a vet order bloodwork and wait for the results?

Unfortunately No. It can take many days or weeks for bloodwork to come back and we cannot wait for it. Remember, you have only 3 days.

Can you provide shipping?


What is Proxy Offering? Or Auto Offer?

Auto Offer is set up to make offers on your behalf and these offers will only be the minimum amount that it takes for you to take the lead! ITS YOUR FRIEND! EXAMPLE: Current horse is at 3500 offer and you want to offer 6000. You make the offer of 6000 and it will put you in the lead at 3600 (Unless someone has a higher AUTO offer). It will keep making larger offers to keep you leading each time someone makes a larger offer than you, until it reaches your MAX OFFER which in this case would be 6000.