Monday Night Countdown is a unique opportunity to purchase horses. Every Monday night there will be horses listed that you can make an offer on–you MUST be a registered user of the site to place an offer, so make sure if you have not registered with us, you do so. Do NOT wait until Monday Night to get registered. Each horse has a private reserve price. If the reserve price is not met during the offering process, the person with the highest offer will have the opportunity to purchase that horse at the reserve price. If the horse is not purchased on Monday Night Countdown, we will move the horse to our Buy It Now page. That horse will continue to be trained and boarded until it is sold, so the actual final selling price could be higher depending on how long the horse is with us.

***NOTICE*** It is the responsibility of the winner of the highest offer to call Emerson immediately at the closing of the offer to arrange for payment. Contact number for Emerson: 606-291-8750

***NOTICE*** All Consignment horses are required to have health papers in hand and proof of being up to date on all vaccinations prior to arrival. All horses sold by EWH will be fully vaccinated as well.