Strawberry Cupcake 5yo KMSHA Gelding


Cupcake is a GORGEOUS 5yo KMSHA Gelding standing at 14.1 hands tall barefoot. He’s barefoot in this video but very well may have shoes when or if you come look at him because we trail ride extensively in rough terrain so I like to shoe all mine. He’s very easy to ride and his gait PERFECT! He won’t miss a beat in his gait, no trot , no pace, no roughness at all!! SMOOOOTH!! Cupcake will continue training with us at Emerson Williams Horsemanship Hillsboro ky until sold. You’re not looking for one that needs training??? Well, the way I look at it is that all horses can improve in some area. He doesn’t necessarily need training but he won’t be sitting waiting for his new owners. I’ll be putting Fancy buttons on him (side pass, neck rein, cantering ect…) until sold. If you think he’s awesome now just check back later!! His price will obviously increase as training progresses.